Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Love This Boy

Sam~ 8 yrs old

When I was just a couple of months pregnant with Sam, I knew I was having a miscarriage. What "water" I had broke, and it was just a matter of time before I lost my precious baby. But it never happened. Several days after the threatened miscarriage,  I remember going out to the hammock, hung between two spreading oaks, and knowing this: God has a special plan for this child. Sam is only eight, and I don't know what he will be called to in life, but he is certainly a special boy.

self-portrait, Sam, age 8

My little boy is a content child. While he is mischievous, LOUD, and rambunctious as they come, Sam is happy with so little. He owns only a handful of things: a bed, clothes, his beloved army soldiers, his magnatiles, and a few stuffed animals. That's pretty much it. But you know what? His freedom from attachment is a big part of his happiness. He wants me to have "tons more babies" (as he puts it) because he doesn't feel threatened that they will crowd him out or take over his belongings. Once again, I am reminded.
            Become like little children.

Sam helps Tommy Play Bingo

Sam is a big brother, always helpful to the younger children; he truly cherishes them. Today he asked me, "Mommy, do all the little babies survive the winter?" I didn't know what he meant, come to find out, he was talking about babies growing inside their Mamas.
"Yes," I reassured him. "They stay warm and cozy inside their Mamas."
"I wish you were having another baby."

Today we went to a special birthday lunch, and I told Sam I wanted him to wear a certain shirt. He wasn't happy about it, but I heard him say to himself later, "I'll get over wearing this shirt." Not, "I'll get used to it," or "I can take this off later."
"I'll Get Over It."
I decided to make this my mantra...sort of a form of 'and this too shall pass.' The realization that this is 'hard' now, but soon I won't even be thinking about it.
Become Like Little Children
As sensitive and thoughtful as Sam is, He can be quite silly too!
Here he is in his dress shirt at Michie Tavern.

Sam with cousin Joshua
My little boy made me a meaningful birthday gift. I see his little hands at work- soiled from climbing trees, chafed by play, dirt in the cracks of his nails, pushing and molding something for his Mama. He was squirreled up in his room for hours.

No, he didn't want help from anyone, and "Don't come in Mom" ; a boy with a hammer, growing feet finding Daddy's big footsteps, crafting a wooden treasure in secret. The little nails didn't hit just right, and  the wood wasn't just the way he wanted it, but he did it himself. A hewn cross made perfect with love.

Tommy wanted to give something to me, as well, so Sam made sure he included him in on the gift giving. When I thanked Sam for the present, he carefully reminded me, "It's from Tommy,too."

Sam, my darling, I will always love you, always cherish you, always care for you.

The little note Sam included in my birthday jar (more on that tomorrow!)