Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lazy Way to "Scrap book"

I love the idea of scrapbooks. I am a bit envious of mothers who manage to craft a beautiful record of their children's growing-up years (on top of making the special memories in the first place!). I even kept a scrap book for a little while, when my older children were small. Alas, my scrap booking days are over, and my present 'scrapbook' (other than this blog) has the humble dwelling of a hatbox. Actually, I like my hatbox, and it is a place to put mementos and keepsakes in an attractive place. I think I need to invest in another one!

What is a shirt doing in my hatbox? There is a sweet story behind this shirt. When my oldest son was heading off to school for the first time (in 9th grade), he wanted to have some 'fashionable' clothes like the other kids.
"No, you don't need to go out and buy any, Mom" he said to me. "I'll just make some." Here is one of the shirts he worked on all day:

He hand cut all the letters and then sewed them on. Pretty good job, huh? The sort of sad thing was that when he went to school and saw what the kids shirts actually looked like, he didn't wear his. In the mean time, my dear friend who will always have a special place in her heart for Will, bought him some Hollister shirts to wear.

And here's Will on the first day of school (ever!):

Here is another memento in my hat box. John Paul was going to throw his journal away. I salvaged it and tucked it in the hatbox. He will appreciate it some day! I have to laugh where it says, "Mom, of course, put it on her blog!" I didn't realize that  until I was writing this post!

Here are the hair barrettes Will made in secret for me when he was about ten. I came upstairs and they were laying on my special occasion! (Have I ever mentioned how much I love having spell check? I would have mispelled barrette without it!)

Today I was cleaning up and was about to throw out this note John Paul wrote a couple of days ago. I decided it was another item for the hatbox!

And this drawing I had labeled. I remember the day Emily gave this to me. She was only seven, and she was so excited that we were going to have a new baby in the family!

So my advice to folks who don't have the time and/or desire to scrapbook is to buy a hatbox or two and start filling 'em up!