Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Nature Of Blogging

I am in a rush tonight. The winds are whipping wild, rains pouring, thunder pounding, and the frenzied pace of it all frightens me. We have an old house, and the wind keeps whistling through all the cracks.

It's been that kind of day- the kind of day when I want to run from it all and say, "I quit! I can't do this anymore!" Details aren't necessary, but I feel the need out of honesty to share my feelings of frustration with you, dear readers!

I am a joyful, faith-filled child of God, but I have days when I want to give up. And actually, it wasn't the whole day; it was mostly some events that transpired in the morning that bogged me down. I went on to have a lovely lunch with my husband and we did the grocery shopping together. How romantic is that?

So much has been written in defense of blogging,and so much has been written in criticism of blogging. The criticism of blogging usually centers around the fact that many blogs paint a completely rosy picture of life. My 'high class blogging friend,' Melissa Wiley, was telling me how misery blogs rate much higher than joyful blogs. Go figure!

Without getting into a major treatise on blogging, I will say a few things on the topic. First and foremost, as a mother, I love having the outlet of a blog to chronicle our days, our joys, our hopes, struggles, and good memories. I am so thankful that there are kindred spirits (YOU!) out there that will rejoice with me AND weep with me! However, the privacy of my children's lives supersedes any desire of mine to 'share' with the world, or even my closest friends. So sometimes I find myself walking a tight line between candor and respecting the privacy and inner lives of my family, and myself!

Do you ever get tired of seeing pictures of my mountains? I hope not! To me they are so representative of our lives...changing every day, each day beautiful in a different way.

Speaking of thoughts on blogging, I don't think anyone has said it better than my aforementioned friend, Melissa, over at Here In The Bonny Glen. Please take the time to read her post. It is well worth it! A little note to all my blogging pals: PLEASE KEEP BLOGGING! Your blogs are a splash of daily encouragement and joy in my life!