Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just For Fun

Sometimes, just for fun, we turn all the lights out and only use candle light.

Tonight we made potato soup:

Somehow cooking Potato soup by the light of a kerosene lamp just seems right:

I had to go outside for a moment, and coming back in I beheld a cozy sight in the kitchen:

This picture is a little blurry, because it was taken through a finger-smudged window. Mary Margaret has taken to "running a household", as she has been listening to the "Felicity" American Girl's story at night. See her with the mop? Tommy was behind the lantern, busily chopping potatoes:

Happy cooks and cleaners:

Earlier this evening, I ran John Paul down to his friend's house. I was happy to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the evening. Autumn is finally coming in all its glory!

I took a moment to pull into a cemetery and take a few pictures and say a little prayer.

Mary Margaret is waiting for me to have fun with her in the kitchen...I better jump at the chance!