Saturday, October 30, 2010

One Moment

I felt life breathe today~green, fresh, vibrant, undying~

 She will not "go gentle  into that good night"(click here to read the poem)
She will cling to what is hers
She is still becoming

 still pulsing, still singing,

 still flowering, still giving
delicate abundance

  She weaves a bower of beauty for us to behold

Her gentle arms embrace me for one moment


Mary Margaret led me into the garden today to discover the Mustard greens and Romaine lettuce that had replanted itself from the Spring growing season. We even found a bit of Arugula. Do you know what an Arugula flower looks like? It's the flower in the fourth picture down. I was awed by the life abounding in what looks from the distance to be a has-been ,withered, used-up garden. There is always life to be found; that life is the pulsating of God all through His marvelous creation.