Friday, May 7, 2010

Caution: Contents Under Pressure...This n' That

The weather has been so beautiful that the kids go to the river every day. They build a fire and cook lunch, swim, and fish. Today they had "science class" at the river as well! The plan was to cook Ravioli. They built the fire, and put the can into the fire. Weren't they surprised to have the explosion of a lifetime! The lid was left on, and heating up in the fire, the pressure got so great in the can that it exploded. Emily was burned, but thank God no one had the scraps of can hit their eyes! You should have heard the kids' eyewitness accounts. Tommy said, "I was peacefully swimming in the little pool, when I hear a sound like this : KABOOM! I looked over and there was this huge explosion." Well, they learned about contents under pressure. I learned the same lesson in college when I tried to hard boil eggs (in their shells) in the microwave. The microwave was at the end of the dorm hallway. I put the eggs in and went to take a shower. Wasn't I surprised to find a MAJOR mess when I came back to get the eggs!

Will had a dirt bike race last week...Here he is, soaring through the air. He got into an accident, which "made me want to go race again even more." :

Anna comes with me every day to milk the cow. She sits on the ledge of the barn watching all the animals. Tonight she had a real show! Emily was bottle feeding another calf we got(Darby). The dogs were romping around in the hay, I was milking Penny, and Charlie, our little guinea rooster was pecking furtively at her feet. I need a picture of Charlie. He is adorable! He's a miniature rooster that completely fends for himself. He always hangs around my feet when I'm milking in hopes to get some grain.

Tonight I made french toast and sausage. Tommy suggested we sit out on the porch and have tea together. He said " Having tea is berry special." We then played blockhead. Tommy and Anna took great pleasure in destroying my building!

Tommy said this afternoon: "I love you Mommy, because you take me to the creek." WE have been enjoying the creek immensely. Mary Margaret and Sam built a big dam today. Sam said, "I have two questions for you, Mommy: Why is the sky blue? and How do they build tunnels under the bay?" This led to many different discussions. Oliver said that the difference between a pond and a lake is that ponds don't have to have a water source leading into it, but lakes do. I wonder where he picked up that information. Is it accurate?
Other family news: Ben and Emily were confirmed last week, Emily had her piano recital, and Will is being home schooled again!
Our birding is in full force; we had our annual plant hanging on the porch today in anticipation of the House finches. (click on highlighted area to see a link to last year's plant hanging!)
Spring is blooming all around; it's hard to believe that the snows of winter are becoming a distant memory....