Thursday, May 7, 2009

If We Come, They Will Build It

As you can probably guess, the title of this post is a take off the movie, "Field Of Dreams," where the main character(played by Kevin Costner) is told in his dreams, "If you build it, they will come."

We had an experience a little like that in reverse today. For the last four years, we have had a pair of House finches on our front porch. Every year they have nested in a hanging basket in the exact same spot.

This year the finches came very early-about two or three weeks ago. We didn't have any hanging baskets up yet, but the pair of birds kept flitting back and forth on the porch, from corner to corner, expectantly searching for the site of their new nest. This has gone on for weeks.

I thought the birds might build a nest in the Yew bush right next to the porch-or maybe on the porch ledge. But they didn't.

Finally I thought to myself- these poor birds are counting on that hanging basket to build a nest. We better get one-and soon!!
I called Travis right away(he was in town) and said, "I know hanging baskets are a luxury right now, but we need one on the front porch! The finches are depending on us!!"

Travis brought home a beautiful, cascading Petunia which immediately went on the front porch. Within five minutes(no exaggeration), the birds were beginning the construction of their new nest in the hanging basket!!!

I think God gives us these little glimpses of providence in the natural world to show us what our faith should be like. We need to expect miracles. Not that we should have the kind of expectancy that lacks appreciation; rather we should be so sure of his providence that we don't even question it. If we can provide for the birds, how much more can our Heavenly Father provide for us?
Oliver took this picture of the Petunia, and hopefully we will have updates on the finch family over the next couple weeks!!!