Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Her Masterpiece & Creme Fraiche

When you grow or raise much of your own food, there are many stories to accompany the meal. Let's just say our food has a "face." Sometimes as we eat we count how many of the dinner items have been provided by our own land, or at least grown locally.
Today I have a new story to tell- a little sad and amazing. I went to check the eggs this morning, and I noticed one of the hens slumped over in the nesting box. Her head was down, which is not normal for a hen in the process of laying an egg. I poked her gingerly, and horrified, I realized she was dead! We have had one hen laying double yolked eggs lately, which is a sign of old age in hens. I found the double-yolker-layer. And on taking her dying breath, she produced her last masterpiece. As I scooped the dead hen out of her nest, her last egg sat still warm from her body's heat. Oliver had the honor of eating the last double-yolker.

On another note, we have been enjoying the season's delicious strawberries.Now we have another reason to love them even more! I just learned a new way to make Creme Fraiche at home. Creme Fraiche is a sweet,thick cream. To make your own, stir in two Tablespoons of sour cream(not light) into a cup or two of heavy cream(ours is unpasteurized, but It's fine to use pasteurized). Allow the mixture to sit out for twenty-four hours at room temperature (you may cover with a light cloth). When the cream is done it should be thick and sweet. The longer it stands, the thicker it gets. Pour over strawberries and sprinkle with raw sugar.

Tommy devoured two bowls of strawberries and cream...

Anna gave hers to Tommy....

Tommy being silly...

Emily took this picture of Mary Margaret:

May is a special month to honor Mary. Emily took this pictue and I just discovered it while writing this blog entry: