Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Daddy, The Bee Man

(Scene: The dining room, eating a spaghetti dinner. Travis is away, Tommy is sitting next to John Paul. BTW-Travis is a beekeeper)

Tommy: (as he twirls his spaghetti) "Hey, John Paul." (he points to the twirled spaghetti on his fork) "This looks like a beehive."

John Paul: "Oh."


Tommy: (referring to Travis' beekeeping suit)"I like my daddy 'cause he wears bee clothes.'"( Pause )"You know what Daddy would say if he heard that I like his bee clothes? He would say, that's berry good, Tommy. That's berry good that you like my bee clothes. "

Oh, the things that kids come up's so much fun.

On another Tommy note, he got into the candle a second time this week. Last weekend he tried to blow it out and spilled wax EVERYWHERE in the bathroom. The candle was red, so it looked like some one had been killed in our bathroom. What a mess. Tonight he was trying to blow out another candle, but fortunately did not make such a huge mess. It's been a pretty good day, though. I think he only broke one thing over the course of the day. You know it's bad when you find yourself saying to your child, "Just stop touching things!!!! Don't touch anything!!!" Sad. But true.....