Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday~A Day Of Rejoicing!~

After a busy Saturday filled with back to back baseball games, I was planning on getting the housework done on Sunday. Generally, I don't like to clean on Sundays. I like to leave the day open for going to Mass(of course) and having fun with the family. But lately it seems like Sunday has become a day of getting the house in shape for the week ahead. I don't like this, but I feel like it can't be helped.
Yesterday I was just getting my work lined up, when my dear friend, Becky, called and wondered if it would be a good day to come over with her family. Because we so enjoy having the Elkins over, I decided the cleaning would have to wait. We had such a wonderful time, I feel committed once again to making Sunday special. At this point in my life I am realizing that there is always, always, always !! more work to be done. It takes a committment to set aside one day of the week and rest(as much as possible). After all, there is a reason the Lord tells us to do this! It's for our own benefit.
Here are a few pictures of our Sunday rest. Travis and Steve took the boys shooting (at clay pigeons). Meanwhile Becky and I stayed with the girls and made campfire soup. Later in the evening we had a big bonfire with a pine tree that had died. We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. It was so much fun!!!