Thursday, February 23, 2012

What To Do With Rejection

 Lent is upon us, and I am reading some of the writings of Henri Nouwen. Here is one of his profound thoughts regarding a possible Lenten practice:

I have slowly become aware of what my Lenten practice might be. It might be the development of some type of "holy indifference" toward the many small rejections I am subject to, and a growing attachment to the Lord and his passion.

I am constantly surprised at how hard it is for me to deal with the little rejections people inflict on each other day by day...This atmosphere often leaves me with a feeling of being rejected and left alone. When I swallow these rejections, I get quickly depressed and lonely; then I am in danger of becoming resentful...

But maybe all of this is the other side of a deep mystery, the mystery that we have no lasting dwelling place on this earth and that only God loves us the way we desire to be loved. Maybe all these small rejections are reminders that I am a traveler on the way to a sacred place where God holds me in the palm of his hand.

(excerpted from "Gracias: A Latin-American Journal")

Photo Credit: Ben Smithdeal

Photo Credit: Ben Smithdeal

Photo Credit: Ben Smithdeal