Thursday, January 7, 2010

We went to one of our favorite thrift stores today and found some treasures to make us smile! (The best part is that the priciest item was 1.00!!) Here are some of the neat things we found:
1.Word Thief- a never-opened word game that won several awards
2. The Renaissance art game
3. Assorted brightly-colored velour cloths to use for dress-ups. They are very large and were only .25 a piece!!!
4. A new lego for Sam (birthday coming soon!) for .75
5. Oliver found a Beanie baby for .25
6.A game called "Egyptians", also brand new, for 1.00
7. A Richard Scary storybook and a Berenstain Bears book we didn't have- both for .10

Going to the thrift shop really is like openeing a treasure chest; you never know what you will come across!