Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Full Circle!

Maybe it's my age, but a lot of things seem to be coming full circle lately! When I was growing up, the "birthday fairy" always came to us. The balloons would be hanging, and the table held a special spot for the birthday girl(we had all girls in our family). There was usually a special box of our own cereal, a little memorable gift, and a stuffed animal(when we were younger). When I was thirteen, I received a beautiful Fontanini Creche which we still put out every year (now in my own home).
When my own children came along, I kept the tradition going. The birthday fairy did a great job the first ten years or so. Then difficult pregnancies came, or I forgot to buy the cereal, or we ran out of balloons....You know how it goes...So my children took over the job. They are the birthday fairies for their birthday sibling! Sam just had a birthday, and here's what his brothers and sisters did:

A confetti bag that opens when you pull the string

The set-up when Emily, Oliver, and Mary Margaret were done and off to

Tommy was a night-owl that night, and added some of his treasures to the
table before going to bed.