Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun With Friends~Happy Birthday Emily!

Seventeen children(including ours) will be in our home tonight! It's Emily's birthday, and she's having a birthday bash!
We started out the afternoon by fourteen of us going to Mass!
Then we all went to Walmart to get the birthday food and fireworks(actually, just sparklers and fountains).
We came home and ate pizza, and it started raining!!!!!! Yikes!!! We snuck the Pinata in-just in time!!
After the rain cleared, the boys went to the pool, and the girls (the tougher ones) headed to the river to try out their swimming tubes.
They came back and showered(and wiped out the towel closet....) and set up the tent(they're camping out!)
Next was icecream making, and now it's time for kick-the-can, capture the flag, and a campfire!!
This is so much fun.....................................for one night :)! (We really are having a great time).
Here's a little video clip of the pinata: