Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding The Quiet Places

"Deserts, silence, solitudes are not necessarily places but states of mind and heart. These deserts can be found in the midst of the city, and in the every day of our lives. We need only to look for them and realize our tremendous need for them. They will be small solitudes, little deserts, tiny pools of silence, but the experience they will bring, if we are disposed to enter them, may be as exultant and as holy as all the deserts of the world, even the one God himself entered. For it is God who makes solitude, deserts, and silences holy."
~Catherine de Hueck Doherty

The quietude of every day unfolds in moments too numerous to count; the infinitesimal grandeur explodes in gentle silences, quenching our thirsty souls.

My prayer:
 "Make me still, Lord. I want to know You. You are God!"
 (ref Psalm 46:10)

Will you join me and find some quiet places in your day?

"Stand still,and allow the strange deadly restlessness of our tragic age to fall away like the worn-out dusty cloak that it is- a cloak that was once considered beautiful. The restlessness was considered the magic cloak of tomorrow, but now in reality, we see it for what it is: a running away from oneself, a turning from that journey inward that all men must undertake to meet God dwelling within the depths of their souls."

~Catherine de Hueck Doherty